Hide a row or column when designing or editing reports in the Online Report Designer.

Creating a report can be a masterful art, and creating a report that is perfectly tailored to your audience can be an ever-evolving process – especially as the audience evolves.

To ensure your report is concise and to the point, it is important to only show the items relevant to your viewers, and not any additional rows or columns you have added to create your required calculations.

In this tip, you’ll learn how you can keep rows or columns pertinent to your calculations, but hide a row or column when designing or editing a report in the Online Report Designer.

Once you have your layout open in the Online Report Designer, click on the row or column you want to hide and then from the properties menu, check “hide row” or “hide column”.

The row or column will still be available in your edit screen, as well as in calculations, but will not be visible in the run-out report. If the report is exported to Excel, the row or column will also be hidden there.