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Learn different ways to add and edit Sage Intelligence formulas in the Financial Report Designer

Once you know how to create your own customized reports, using the Sage Intelligence Report Designer and Microsoft® Excel®, you have the power to analyze any aspect of your financials!  At the core of this is knowing how to add and edit Sage Intelligence formulas in a report.  In this tip, I’ll show you the […]

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Create your own Operational Report in Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud

Do you want to create your own operational report and analyze it according to your specific reporting needs from Sage One International? Sage Intelligence Reporting & Microsoft Excel make this easy and quick to do. Applies to: Sage One International, Microsoft Excel 2013 & 2016 How do I do this? 1. Download one of the […]

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Learn how to consolidate different kinds of data into one report

Do you want to consolidate, bring together and analyze different kinds of data in one report?  You may want to view your financial, payroll and payments information in a single dashboard.  Currently, you may be spending a large amount of time reviewing these different reports to be able to draw a final conclusion.  In Sage […]

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