I have a relative who’s been running a lucrative business for a couple of years now. But, even after years of operating, he still struggles to pay his staff their salaries and wages on time.  While there may be many reasons for this, my guess is that managing small business finances is not his greatest […] Read more →

Bots seemed to be the hot topic of 2016.  But why are so many businesses looking to use a bot? Why do they see potential in something that, it in a lot of ways, is a competitor for some of their own customers’ businesses? Well, let’s take a look at Sage’s bot—Hello Pegg. This is […] Read more →

Have you ever closely examined something that you use every single day? The most useful things in life are quite often those which we take for granted. For example, who ever thought of the design for a pair of scissors? Could you think of a better way for them to work? Why do we sometimes […] Read more →

Gone are the days where software demos would start with an architectural diagram of the solution stack, leading into showcasing the general ledger, posting a transaction, and finally demonstrating the net result (which was all usually followed by a yawn, stretch, snore, or thoughts of lunch). Current industry trends suggest that, for the most part, […] Read more →

As a business owner in today's technologically revolutionary environment, it’s becoming more and more evident that, in order to stay up-to-date and remain relevant, you need to have your latest data readily available to make those crucial business decisions. Because of this, Sage Intelligence Product Evangelist, Jay Nel explains 5 reasons why business in the cloud […] Read more →

The Outsource CFO is a team of Chartered Accountants who have a wealth of experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. This mix ensures that entrepreneurial flair is managed within sound financial principles. They offer a full array of financial, accounting and management services which are tailored to fit any company size, strategy and needs. The company not only creates reports for […] Read more →

This is a real-time account of a financial manager faced with a Sage Intelligence Reporting issue late on a Sunday afternoon. This is why good support matters. It’s 3pm on a Sunday afternoon and I’m trying to get my last bit of relaxation in before starting the work week ahead. The result… I stumble to […] Read more →

As the holding company for seven subsidiaries, Midway Two’s monthly financial assignment includes the consolidation of its group’s results. In order to monitor the progress of the firm, each month end is a recipe of administrative man-hours, information processing and software tools in a race to output financials. Add a bit of the monthly unexpected, a touch of […] Read more →

Bathroom Bizarre Holding comprises 5 property companies, 2 manufacturing companies and 28 cost centers—27 of which are Bathroom Bizarre branches within South Africa. All 27 of the Bathroom Bizarre retail branches use the Retail Management System for Sage 300 (RMS), while the head office has been using Sage 300 for 13 years. In January, 2015 […] Read more →

Has your finance team been behaving a little more like the zombies from the popular television show, The Walking Dead, and a little less like the bouncy bunch they usually are? Have they lost the lively sparkle in their eyes, or have things become a little monotonous lately? It might be time to shake things […] Read more →