Sage Intelligence helps Microsoft introduce user-defined functions for Excel at the Ignite Conference!

“When are you introducing user-defined functions for Excel?” This was the big question we had for Microsoft back in the middle of this year (2017). Specifically for us, this meant user-defined functions that were defined in Javascript, and made available through our web-based Excel add-in for the cloud version of Sage Intelligence. We’d asked this […]

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Why it no longer makes sense to keep your people data-starved and in the dark

Charles Teversham, MD of Sage Intelligence, considers the benefits of moving from a feudal model of sharing data to a more democratic one. In 13th century Europe, literacy was largely confined to the clergy and some elites, and few adults among the general population could read or write. But that picture changed as a result […]

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Stop, collaborate and listen

Operating in an agile and integration environment, we are constantly presented with numerous adverse and challenging tasks, often necessitating great strenuous effort in terms of planning, design and execution. As to stay competitive, we continuously aim to introduce new features and solutions, stemming from customer requirements, market needs and features our competitors conjure.  Due to […]

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Why mobility matters: Learn the three C’s

Mobility has changed the way we work—especially for businesses that depend on personnel not working at a desk or in and office. When asked how “anytime, anywhere” connectivity helps business leaders be more efficient, they typically respond with three answers: convenience, communication, or collaboration. Convenience When operations or field personnel need to call office staff […]

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5 Reasons solo-entrepreneurs should use business intelligence

Even though most solo-entrepreneurs understand the benefits of business intelligence, they will probably never take advantage of it. They will assume they have neither the time nor the money to make use of business intelligence. But the field of business intelligence has changed over the years. It’s now cheaper and easier than ever for freelancers, […]

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5 Business lessons from The Money Fight

You either hated it, loved it, or momentarily became obsessed with it. However, there’s no denying that Mayweather vs McGregor was an entertaining spectacle that captivated the world over, and turned many ordinary, peace-loving individuals into hardcore, blood-thirsty fight fans—even if just for 30 minutes. What can the flyweights and heavyweights in the business world learn from The […]

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