Part 1: Take a quick tour through Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting

Welcome to the first of a three-part series where you’ll discover how to get started with Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting (on-premise/desktop), so that you can easily manage your business financials. In this series, you’ll learn how to get a handle on your business’s financial reporting needs with quick and easy Intelligence Reporting tips.   Let’s […]

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How to use the new “Up to Period” filter in Sage Intelligence for Accounting

Sage Intelligence now allows you to filter your report based on a fiscal period. No more cluttered reports, and no more redundant editing of report layouts to get your desired results! How Sage Intelligence determines Fiscal Periods Before we dive into the new ‘Up to Period’ feature, it is important for you to understand how […]

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How to create and view your Management Packs in Sage 50cloud Intelligence

A financial report often needs to be consumed in conjunction with its fellow reports and by using a management pack, this allows for just that! With Sage Intelligence, you have the ability to create, edit and view these management packs. In this tip, we will highlight the flow of creating and viewing a Management Pack. 1. […]

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Flexible, financial reporting that adds up!

When viewing and studying your financial reports, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could quickly and seamlessly adjust the parameters you’ve selected to run the report without having to completely re-run it? That way, you’ll be able to easily change these parameters on the go— which will save you time and effort—especially if you notice any anomalies and need to instantly compare the report to previous […]

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Create your own reports and customize the way you view your data with Sage Intelligence

This Sage Intelligence tip is focused on Sage Business Cloud Accounting. There are many decisions that need to be made in a business and basing these decisions on accurate data will help to make more informed decisions. Without data most businesses work from their experience or intuition which may not be accurate. With Sage Intelligence […]

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