How to ignite your Excel skills to save time and increase your productivity

Microsoft® Excel® has become one of the most widely used software applications of all time, in both small and mid-sized businesses—as well as in much larger corporations.  Whether you like it or not, Excel is everywhere you look in the business world. By investing time in your Excel skills, you’ll not only increase your efficiency in operating the software and save money, but you will also gain an added advantage among the rest of your peers.

Working with numbers and data at some point in your life will become inevitable, especially as you climb the corporate ladder. Whether it’s creating spreadsheets for budgets, business lists or costings, you possibly use numbers and data in both a personal and/or business capacity. Improving your efficiency in Excel can save you time and money by equipping you with useful tools that many people outsource!

Don’t you often find yourself thinking, “There must be a quicker way to do this in Excel!” However, you then spend countless hours going through manual processes to get the job done. Enhancing your Excel skills can streamline these processes and give you back more free time.

Enter our specialized Ignite Your Excel Skills webcast series that provides in-depth coverage of key Microsoft Excel functionality specifically for data analysis. Each webcast is designed to help you save time by teaching you how to use Excel like a pro! The advantage of this series is that you can apply these skills in both your personal and professional life.  You’ll learn to get the job done faster and discover that Excel is a platform that can be used to automate virtually any data-driven task.

The Ignite Your Excel Skills webcast series consists of the following three webcasts throughout July, 2017:

1. Formulas and Formatting (12th of July, 2017) – You will learn a few general formulas that will make your life that much easier, such as; rounding numbers and time values, moving rows and columns, adding a field to a Pivot Table, and using Slicers to enhance your reporting skills.

2. Pivot Tables and Power View (19th of July, 2017) – Here you’ll discover how easy it is to create and modify Pivot Tables so that your reports are more impactful. Power View is an Excel feature that makes this task even easier, and you’ll learn how to use it.

3. Financial Report Enhancements (26th of July, 2017) – Learn how to enhance your financials by exploring how to group accounts, add drop-down lists and use specific buttons such as scroll bars for filtering. Here you’ll discover how to create more impactful financial reports.

While attending each webcast live is the optimum way to master these skills, as you will have the chance to ask questions and interact with the instructor, we understand that time often runs away from you. This is why we will be recording each webcast and sending it to everyone who registers—so that you can catch up in your own time.

Make sure that you join the list for the Ignite Your Excel Skills webcast series today and take advantage of the time-saving capabilities you’ll learn in no time!