How to create and view your Management Packs in Sage 50cloud Intelligence

A financial report often needs to be consumed in conjunction with its fellow reports and by using a management pack, this allows for just that! With Sage Intelligence, you have the ability to create, edit and view these management packs. In this tip, we will highlight the flow of creating and viewing a Management Pack. 1. […]

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Create your own reports and customize the way you view your data with Sage Intelligence

This Sage Intelligence tip is focused on Sage Business Cloud Accounting. There are many decisions that need to be made in a business and basing these decisions on accurate data will help to make more informed decisions. Without data most businesses work from their experience or intuition which may not be accurate. With Sage Intelligence […]

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Get to the heart of your business with Sage Intelligence

This tip is focused on Sage Intelligence for Accounting. With the daily activity and pressure of running a business, it can be difficult to keep track of your business health. Reporting gives you a sense of your numbers, but it often doesn’t provide the detail, flexibility and presentation that you need. Sage Intelligence gives you […]

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Gain added flexibility by downloading your Sage Intelligence reports to Excel

When working with Sage Intelligence, you may feel the need to make changes to your reports using functionality that isn’t included online, like adding tables, charts, trendlines, etc.  If this is you, then Sage Intelligence has you covered by allowing you to download and open your reports in Microsoft Excel, giving you access to standard […]

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Learn how to use Column Variables for more descriptive headings in your cloud reports

Having descriptive headings in a report can make it easier to comprehend.  For example, having month names instead of period values for column titles can make it easier to determine the data a column refers to.  Sage Intelligence now makes this possible in a dynamic way through Column Variables. This tip applies to: Sage Business […]

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Learn how to check your Containers in the Sage Intelligence Connector module

Being able to check if the components of a report are functioning as expected while working with them can help provide a smooth workflow and save time dealing with problems later in the report creation process.  Also, if you do come across errors in a report, being able to test its components easily allows for […]

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