Using conditional formatting with custom Excel formulas

Conditional formatting is an effective Microsoft Excel feature that allows you to highlight important information, for example; the ability to find duplicate values within your spreadsheet. You can create your own rule by applying conditional formatting to individual cells or a range of cells. When you have selected the data you want to format, you […]

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Learn how to share your report between different users and companies

Did you know that in Sage Intelligence you can design a report in one company and view that same report in a different company?  That’s right, just as long as those companies carry the same account structure, you can share your report. This report will go through the following process: Designed in one company Exported […]

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Five non-negotiable questions you should be asking your reporting solution

Many companies today suffer from a lack of visibility into key performance metrics. We call this “keyhole visibility” because it’s the equivalent of trying to evaluate what’s happening in a room by looking through the keyhole. With a narrow view, you’re unable to fully understand what’s behind the door and what might be lurking around […]

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