5 reasons why SMMEs should invest in an Alchemex Business Intelligence solution

ALCHEMEX is the leading developer, enabler and support-provider of affordable Excel-based Business Intelligence (BI) software for small to medium enterprises.  Alchemex reporting software provides an integrated, automated, and Excel-based BI solution, presenting preformatted drillable Excel reports, executable at the click of a button. As more and more small and medium enterprises recognize the need for BI, what makes Alchemex the obvious choice?


Reason 1

The software was designed from the ground up with small and medium sized companies’ needs in mind, and not harvested from tier one complex and expensive BI products

  1. Licensing is tiered to cater for your basic user up to the more advanced
  2. It specifically addresses serious challenges around financial reporting – which is prevalent worldwide – like Departmental reporting, GL segmentation, project reporting.
  3. It caters well for consolidated reporting from multiple sources, the envy of all small and mid size corporations.
  4. It is supported by a whole product offering of BI Community, free webinars, Online Training Academy, which is important for a small business with limited resources.


Reason 2

ALCHEMEX provides BI that is easy to use and affordable due to a familiar Excel interface and a powerful ready-to-use set of Excel reports for leading ERP packages to gets users up and running immediately. Alchemex’s integrated BI solutions provide out-of-the-box report templates that draw real-time data directly from the source data residing in a company’s accounting, business management or payroll package, and deliver it automatically in the familiar face of Excel. Users can choose from a number of different layouts so do not need to know how to write reports or how the data is structured to get value. They can however easily customize, manipulate and distribute the reports in Excel. Alchemex software caters for industry sweet spots i.e. financial reports (Income / Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet), trend analyses, management dashboards and operational reports, all with the ability to quickly drill down to transactional details.

Reason 3

It is affordable and scalable through incremental module offerings making it priced appropriately for different levels of users. It gives the best of both worlds from fixed format reporting – like monthly financial statements and board packs – to on-the-fly analysis for the likes of sales trends or inventory evaluations. An OLAP module allows for multi-dimensional volume transaction analysis while the more explorative can have complete access to the data source with limitless flexibility to compile whatever information they require. The web module introduces authenticated widespread report distribution across the net. Alchemex reporting software’s low total cost of ownership allows broader access to data across organisation.

Reason 4

Alchemex has a proven track record with market leading vendors of accounting/ERP and payroll software in delivering integrated Business Intelligence to SMMEs. Alchemex is established and known with 10 years of delivering BI to these markets, nearly 20 000 customers, a 90% renewal rate and an expanding global presence.

 “We use Alchemex products extensively in our business. I believe that being able to obtain a ‘snapshot view’ of your business is critical in today’s business environment when there is just too much information floating about. Managers need to dedicate their skills to managing – not sifting through endless reports trying to make sense of heaps of information. Alchemex does this neatly and efficiently – with no fuss at all and delivers this information ‘on demand’ and through Excel. What more could you ask for?”
Steven Cohen, Managing Director, Sage Softline Pastel


Reason 5

Alchemex software is integrated into the ERP / payroll software, meaning that it is developed with and supported by the particular vendor as a module of their software, a trusted brand extension. This removes technology hurdles around installation and support, leverages a company’s existing software investment, ensures the module is priced appropriately for the market and allows for widespread adoption. For South Africa’s ERP market leader, Sage subsidiary Softline Pastel, Alchemex’s integrated BI module, the Pastel Business Intelligence Centre, has become one of their best selling modules. Alchemex also powers Sage Accpac Intelligence, Sage MAS Intelligence, Simply Accounting Intelligence, the Sybiz Business Intelligence Centre and the VIP Business Intelligence Manager worldwide.

Isn’t it time for you to choose Alchemex Business Intelligence? Simply.