Financial statements: Three useful indicators and what they say about your business

Well-prepared financial statements contain an incredible amount of timely and revealing information about your business’ financial position. What are its strengths? Where are the vulnerabilities and challenges? Is the business making money? Savvy executives use the information on financial statements—most notably the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows—to drive decisions and chart […]

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A new year’s resolution for SMBs

As small to mid-sized businesses enter 2012, many owners and executives may be considering technology-related strategies to streamline processes, gain competitive advantage and generally make their lives easier in the year ahead. Erik Kaas, Vice President of Product Management for Mid-market ERP products, Sage North America, discusses here why it’s time for companies to get […]

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Softline bolsters business intelligence offering with Alchemex acquisition

Have a look at the Softline blog for views on the synergies between Softline and Alchemex and why the Alchemex business intelligence solution is a natural extension of Softline’s business applications: Softline and Alchemex are part of the Sage Group plc.

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5 reasons why SMMEs should invest in an Alchemex Business Intelligence solution

ALCHEMEX is the leading developer, enabler and support-provider of affordable Excel-based Business Intelligence (BI) software for small to medium enterprises.  Alchemex reporting software provides an integrated, automated, and Excel-based BI solution, presenting preformatted drillable Excel reports, executable at the click of a button. As more and more small and medium enterprises recognize the need for […]

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SMMEs will need BI to flourish as the economy recovers

Small business is usually the bright spot in any recovering economy. As the economy emerges from the recession, business owners may well grow their companies which means that they will need to look for small business software to automate certain operations and scale for growth. Business Intelligence (BI) could become essential for SMMEs to reduce growing pains in the face of prosperity. The many benefits from a low-cost, quick to deploy business intelligence solution that delivers trusted information in the familiar face of Excel could be just what the recession doctor ordered for SMMEs to flourish.

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Gartner speaks same BI language as Alchemex

At Gartner Inc.’s annual Business Intelligence Summit in Las Vegas last week, the white flag was waved on using Excel for BI. Gartner analysts and BI managers said that efforts to stop Excel BI use were bound to fail and that the use of Excel as a BI tool is inevitable.

This is what BI vendor Alchemex has been saying for the last eight years: For SMMEs especially, BI in Excel is the route to go.

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