Conquering BI in 2020?

In a recent BBC debate intended to gather opinion from leading technologist’s about the future of technology there appeared to be a number of common themes. Primarily the internet will be an easily accessible and relatively low cost network of billions of devices dominated by high powered instant access mobile devices. Interestingly, there appears to be disagreement on whether the increased transparency offered by 24/7/365 access, gained at the cost of reduced privacy, will actually lead to advancement in our societies or whether all this new technology will in fact beset us all with some new forms of hitherto unheard of cyber terrorism. Whether English would be the global language of the internet is inconclusive, but aside from the multiple topics that the subject gives rise to, it is almost universally unanimous that by 2020 an increasing number of economically active people will be working within “virtual worlds” which are likely to be more productive than the offline environment we are accustomed in 2010. 

It’s hard not to steer down the internet discussion when considering technology of the future, but what else is going to change the landscape. Business Intelligence will not be immune to the profound changes that no doubt will follow in the next decade – so have you considered what will Business Intelligence will look like in 2020?