Join Sally as she helps you forge ahead, making use of the Sage Intelligence Connector module

Sage Intelligence gives you a lot of value out-the-box, through the ready-to-use reports provided in the Report Manager and the free reports that you can access via the Report Utility.  If these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for then you also have the ability to tweak them to suit your needs or build your own using the standard data containers available in the product.  Sometimes this still isn’t enough and you may want to define the specific data sets you require.

Sage Intelligence allows you to do this through its Connector module, which puts you in direct contact with your Sage database.  If you would like to get to grips with the Connector, then why not join Sally in her latest video series—as she works through an example of a Receivables and Payables dashboard that she created for her business. You’ll learn the necessary skills to put together just about any set of data you desire.

You can sign up for the series by following the link below.  It consists of five fifteen-minute lessons and by registering, you’ll be provided with a new one each week in your inbox.

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