Getting ahead with Sally

(Series Three)

You’ve put Sage Intelligence through its paces, and now it’s time to get ahead of the competition!


Welcome to the third instalment of the popular learning channel, the Sage Intelligence Sally Series. This time around, Sally is going to focus on designing reports from scratch using the Sage Intelligence Connector module. As she creates a dashboard combining her Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable in a single view, you’ll discover how to define the specific data you want for your reports-making this series slightly more advanced than the previous two.

The following topics are covered in this series:

  • Part 1: Connecting with the Connector

  • Part 2: Get your game on with the Graphical Join Tool

  • Part 3: Stepping it up with SQL

  • Part 4: Expressing yourself through custom Expressions

  • Part 5: Visualising the result in Excel

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The information in this series is built on the knowledge shared in the first and second series, so if you haven’t watched them already, check them out below and make sure you’re caught up with how Sage Intelligence has revolutionized the way Sally runs her business.