Gearing Up with Sally
(Series Two)
You have a handle on your numbers, now it’s time to get creative!
Learn about report creation and how to visualize your data better with this FREE, five-part video series.

In Starting Out with Sally, you discovered how to make sense of the numbers behind your business, as Sally led
you through practical ways to improve your financial reporting skills with Sage Intelligence Reporting.

This second instalment of the Sally series kicks it up a gear, as our ambitious entrepreneur guides you towards
painting a more revealing picture of your data, using the features of the Financial Report Designer and creative reporting techniques that include Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and dashboards.

The following topics are covered in this series:

  • Part 1: Click your way to personalized layouts with the Layout Generator

  • Part 2: Step up your custom layout design skills with the Task Pane

  • Part 3: Get a holistic view of your financials over a cup of coffee

  • Part 4: Gain control of your data with Pivot Table reports

  • Part 5: Chart your way to success with an operational dashboard

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