Flag customers who owe you money with the Overdue Customers report

This report helps you flag customers who are currently overdue and owe you money. With this report, you’ll be able to drill-down to specific customer information to follow up on the outstanding amounts as soon as possible—which will help your business cash flow.

There are 3 pages to this report, namely; Overdue Customer Dashboard, Detail, Overdue Customer Details Page (this is a hidden drill-down page).

Upon running out the report, you’ll land on the main Overdue Customers Dashboard page. If you’re unsure of the information being provided to you, you’re able to hover over the (i) icon—which will provide you with more detail on the tile and explain its value.

This dashboard is also interactive! For example; if you had to click on Dolan Bikes (one of the Top 5 Customers by Overdue Amount), the entire dashboard and the information displayed will be filter by this customer.

If you then right-click on the customer represented in the bar chart, you’re able to See Records—which will take you to a new tab that reveals the customer’s information that relates to your specific selection.

Click on the Back to Report option to go back to main dashboard.

On the left-hand-side of the dashboard you’ll notice a summary of your total debtors’ days, the total amount that’s overdue, and what’s been invoiced already.

If you click on the detail tab towards the bottom of the report, a detailed dashboard will open which will provide you with all the contact details, the contact person and the total overdue amount for your overdue customers.

This dashboard is also interactive. For example; by clicking on the 90 days option on the Overdue by Age Summary tile, the dashboard will filter by all customers who are overdue by 90 days or more.