Viewing the raw data before it’s passed through to Excel

Did you know you can view the raw data of a report before it’s passed through to Excel? This can be very useful if you need to quickly check to see if you are getting the right data from your container or that your filters and/or parameters are working correctly without waiting for the data to render into Excel.

How to Switch the Output Mode to Screen (data view)

1.  Open your Report Manager

2.  Right click on Home and select “Switch Output Mode”

3.  Select the “Screen” mode and click OK

4.  Now highlight the Report you are working on and run as normal

5. Enter any Parameters the report might have and click OK

6. The Data Output window will popup with the raw data

7. You can now easily go through the raw data, sorting fields by clicking on the field headings

Things to Keep in Mind

  • When you open the Report Manager it defaults the Output mode to Excel every time, regardless of the state you closed the Report Manager in
  • In a networked environment of Alchemex, the Output mode you select will only be effective on the PC it was set on