Alchemex Social Development: Educating future leaders in South Africa

As a young Business Intelligence Company in South Africa, we have come to the realization that the Youth of South Africa are the future leaders of tomorrow. In current times of economic decline where job creation is rare and job opportunities are scarce it is vital that we come to the understanding that an investment in today’s youth is an investment in our future; an investment in tomorrow’s leaders, today!

It is often insightful to wonder how these young individuals view the world. How do they see their future?

By implementing a quarterly educational initiative we, at Alchemex, have found a liberating path for these future leaders by equipping them with our Excel Training. As we specialize in Microsoft Excel training, this is the best way we can give back to some of our disadvantaged communities; the best way we can.

Our programme targets local government schools.

“Being computer literate is an absolute essential in today’s highly technological world. Children who have certification of their computer literacy have one foot in the door when applying for a [job] vacancy”, says Mrs AD Bishop, Principal of Parkhill high school.

Parkhill High School was chosen from three schools selected to receive our assistance in social investment by receiving a donation of four computers and our Microsoft Excel Training late last year. Seven matric students were given this great opportunity to attend our Excel on Steroids training in December 2011 after receiving a warm and heartfelt recommendation from their Principal Mrs AD Bishop:

“Our students are largely the product of underprivileged homes where access to expensive computer courses is out of their reach. It is very heart-warming that they be given such a wonderful opportunity for self-advancement.”