Learn how to use the Quick Create Report feature in Sage Intelligence

If you want to create a report quickly or you’re not sure how to design one from scratch, the Quick Create Report feature in Sage Intelligence is very easy to use.  By simply selecting a set of pre-defined columns and rows, you’re able to set up a financial report in a matter of seconds.  Then, if you’d like to do further tweaking, you can adjust your columns and rows using the Design Pane.

1. From either the My Reports or Standard Report page, click on the options button to the right and then select Quick Create a Report.

2. A dialogue will appear where you can enter a name for your new report and select the set of predefined columns and rows you want to use. You may also have additional options like entering a description or selecting a folder for it to be placed in.

3. Once you select Create, your report will be added to the specified folder and that’s all you need to do.

4. You can now run the report and will see the layout produced as per the columns and rows that you specified.

Now if you would like to make any modifications to it, you can open it up in the Design Pane.  You can also save any custom column or row sets that you create in the Design Pane for future use.  For more information on this take a look here.  Lastly, take note that depending on your Sage product, your system may differ slightly to the images shown here, however the same principles apply.