Learn how to save your rows and columns in the cloud for future use

When designing reports in Sage Intelligence, you may create custom rows and columns that you might want to make use of in future reports.  Sage Intelligence provides a convenient way to save these sets, making future report creation a breeze.  In this tip, I’m going to show you how to work with the Quick Add Rows and Quick Add Columns feature.

This applies to all Sage Intelligence cloud products.

In the following example, I’ve created a custom report giving my Actuals, over the past few months, for a number of maintenance accounts that I’d like to review.  I plan to create other reports using the same set of accounts so I’d like to save them to make creating those reports easier.

1. For this, all I need to do is select the rows area in my report and then click on Quick Add Rows in the Task Pane.

2. I’m then given a list of existing row sets and I can click on Save current rows as quick adds to save my set.

3. After doing so I’m asked to enter a name for them, and I can also enter a description—which is optional.

4. After clicking OK, they are saved to the list. If I ever need to, I can delete them by clicking the X to the right of them.

5. If I want to make use of them in the Online Report Designer in a future report, then all I have to do is select the rows area, click Quick Add Rows, and pick my Maintenance Rows set. The saved rows will then be added to the rows area.

The same functionality is also provided for columns, which you can access by selecting the columns area and then clicking Quick Add Columns.

Once you have saved row and/or column sets, you can also make use of them directly from the Financials folder.  This is handy if you want to create a report on the fly and don’t need the additional functionality of the Online Report Designer.

After clicking Quick Create Report and giving your new report a name, any saved row and column sets will appear in their respective drop downs and you can select the ones you want.  A new report will be created based off of your selections and added to the folder.