Learn how to add additional fields to a report

Did you know that whether you are using a standard or a customised Sage Intelligence report, you’re free to add additional fields to it in the Sage Intelligence Report Manager?  There are a couple of reasons why you might want to do this.  For example, perhaps the report doesn’t have a particular field you want to report on.  Often the container of a report includes additional fields that aren’t added to it in the Report Manager, so it’s always a good idea to check the available fields first to see if the one you want is there.  You may also want to make use of the same field twice, for example in a Pivot Table, both as a filter and as a row or value field, and this can be achieved by adding it again in the source data.

Working from Sage 300 with the standard Sales Master report, in this example, I’m going to add the ‘Salesperson Name’ field a second time so that I can use it both as a filter and as a column in the report’s Pivot Table.

1. To be able to add new fields to a report, it needs to be unlocked. So, I’ve gone ahead and made a copy of the Sales Master and given it a new name.

2. I’m now going to select the Columns tab. This lists all the field that are included in the source data when the report is run out.

3. To add the ‘Salesperson Name’ field I’m going to click Add to the right of the pane. A dialogue is then displayed listing all fields that are available in the report’s container.  Here you can also make note of any additional fields that aren’t yet included in the report.  My salesperson name field is called ‘SALESPERNAME1’.  I’m going to select it and click OK.

4. The field is added a second time, shown at the bottom of the list. I can now run the report out.

5. To add the field to my Pivot Table, I’m going to select a cell in the table and then from the Analyze tab on the Ribbon, click Field List.

6. The list will contain the new field and I can drag it into the desired quadrant of the Pivot Table. I’m going to add it to the rows area.  The field is now included as both a filter and as a column in my table.

If you want to add a field and find that it isn’t available in the container, you will have to add it to the container in the Connector module.  This is a subject for a more advanced discussion.  If you would like more information on the connector then take a look at the following webcast.

Getting in touch with the Connector Module