SMMEs will need BI to flourish as the economy recovers

There is a lot of talk in the media in the US about the economy recovering and consumer confidence and revenues rising. This augers well for small business which is usually the bright spot in any recovering economy.  As the economy emerges from the recession, business owners may well grow their companies which means that they will need to look for small business software to automate certain operations and scale for growth. Business Intelligence (BI) could become essential for SMMEs to reduce growing pains in the face of prosperity. By implementing a BI solution that integrates with their existing accounting or ERP application and delivers automated reports in MS Excel upon request, SMMEs stand to:

  • Access critical information when they need it thereby improving collaboration and productivity
  • Get accurate reports delivered in ‘out-of-the-box’ Excel report templates directly from a trusted source, thereby saving time, automating workflow and eliminating redundant data entry and human error
  • Make insightful decisions based on key business information delivered in a multi-dimensional dashboard format with the ability to quickly drill down to details, thereby gaining competitive advantage
  • Secure business integrity, thereby protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access or manipulation

So a low-cost, quick to deploy business intelligence solution that delivers trusted information in the familiar face of Excel could be just what the recession doctor ordered for SMMEs to flourish as the economy recovers.