Do your good deeds resonate with your customers?

In a recent article entitled “Companies’ Good Deeds Resonate with Consumers” (Read the Article) the author spoke of how a good deed has positive spin offs for a company and often there is an unintended consequence that really creates some great PR for a company. I don’t advocate doing something good for the sake of trying to solicit positive PR – that’s too shallow and doesn’t deserve any points with customers, but surely there is something we can all do to help each others businesses. What has a charitable outlook have to do with a BI blog. The fact that BI addresses so many common business challenges means that someone has already found the solution to the most common problems, and BI is so visual, and adds so much value to a company, why don’t people share more of their success stories and help other people facing the same or similar challenges. No one with a profit motive wants to give away their trade secrets but where is the common ground that shares information for the betterment of everyone’s business and won’t the good deeds you do by helping other businesses – possibly by helping get better visibility of their data – have a positive spin off on your business?