Killer Question to ask about your BI

How is it possible to start to assess if you have got a handle on Business Intelligence in your organisation? My view is there is a simple place to start. Don’t believe the industry held belief that every BI project is complicated, expensive and difficult to implement – that’s rubbish. If you are the owner/manager/director/stakeholder of any small or mid-sized business, this question is equally as relevant for you as it is for the 80 pound gorilla down the street.

So here is some BI consulting absolutely FREE of charge!!! To determine your BI direction please answer this simple question. “Is Business Intelligence viewed as a sanctioned strategy in your company?”

If Yes, well done, there’s a good chance you form part of a statistical minority that have formally adopted BI in their business strategy. If No, it would be a good place to start because no sanctioned strategy means no owner of BI which means no focus on getting the right information to the right people at the right time, which probably means you are making business decisions on a whim and a prayer. Good Luck!!