Collect your cash with the Analysis of Aged Debtors report

It’s important for any business owner to know exactly who owes them cash, how much, and when they can expect to receive it from their overdue customers. This is what the Analysis of Aged Debtors report provides.

Looking at this Dashboard, the first thing you’ll see is that your Debtors Days are 46.99 and, in the red. This means that on average, your debtors are paying you every 46.99 days compared to the average credit terms of 46.44 days that you have set for your debtors in your business.  We’re all aware of the phrase, Cash is King, and this is especially true for a start-up business where money is tight. As a business owner, you need to closely monitor how quickly your debtors are paying you—and for this mission, the colour red is not acceptable.

Looking at the Debtors Ageing Summary within the Analysis of Aged Debtors report, you’re able to view how much you’re owed and for how long it’s been outstanding. Straight away, you’ll notice that there is GBP27k sitting in 120 Days—which is cash that’s outstanding and needs to be collected by you. By clicking 120 Days, the interactive chart shows you that the outstanding amount relates to your Customer: Bickerton.

If you then right-click on Bickerton and click Drill through, you can immediately drill down to the specific Customer information and follow up with the appropriate person for the outstanding amounts. You’re also able to view what Bickerton’s average credit terms are, if there are any sales this month to them, and what amounts are due and/or overdue.

To view a summary of your Debtors’ history in a tabular format, you can click on the details tab and get tabular report that is just as interactive as the Dashboard.

To learn more about this report and how to make best make use of it, watch this short learning video.

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