Why mobility matters: Learn the three C’s

Mobility has changed the way we work—especially for businesses that depend on personnel not working at a desk or in and office. When asked how “anytime, anywhere” connectivity helps business leaders be more efficient, they typically respond with three answers: convenience, communication, or collaboration.


When operations or field personnel need to call office staff for the latest customer or order information or are expected to give clients answers while in the field, it can interfere with getting their work done in a timely manner. Mobile solutions enable the team to access details and execute tasks with a smartphone or tablet. It’s not only convenient, it also demonstrates that the business values convenience as much as the client.


Mobility speeds up everything, including productivity. Aside from a sales rep getting approval from a manager on a quote or discount or sharing customer information with the customer service team, elevating communication also includes accessing financial, customer, or inventory data on demand or submitting quotes or orders from a mobile device.


Closing a deal or solving a customer’s issue can involve thousands of decisions, made by dozens of people, across several departments. Plus, time is money. So when something unexpected arises, the speed at which the issue gets resolved among stakeholders has a direct bearing on how quickly the sale is made or the problem is resolved. Ultimately, the client is confident knowing you’re committed to taking fast, can-do action.

Decisions aren’t confined to the boardroom or limited to office hours. Many of the most inspired business revelations happen when you least expect them, away from the office. Consequently, it’s not surprising that mobile access at all times has arrived as a necessary imperative. How do well-run companies deploy mobile solutions? What are the most important considerations before purchasing tablets, smartphones, and mobile solutions? And what business benefits can you expect to gain from anytime, anywhere connectivity?

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