Saving changes to an existing report layout in Sage Intelligence Reporting

Sage Intelligence Reporting allows you to create reports of your own, as well as customize your existing ones, all in the familiar environment of Microsoft® Excel®.  This is based on the Excel template that gets attached to each report.  Once it’s linked back, after any changes have been made, the formulas will update seamlessly with the latest information the next time report is run out.  Although this is standard functionality, in case you’re not familiar with it, in this tip you’ll discover how it works with a report that has already been designed.

An existing report should already have a template associated with it.  You can see this from the file name in the Report Template field of the report’s properties.


If a report is locked then you can’t save changes to it.  You can get around this though by creating a copy of it, which removes the restriction.  I have done this with my Sales Details report and have run out the copy.


I have made some changes to the layout which I want to keep the next time I run out the report. To do this, I’m going to complete the following steps:

1. With the workbook left open, I’m going to go back to the Report Manager, select the copy, and click Save Excel Template on the Home tab.


2. A list of the open workbooks is then displayed; I’m going to select the one associated with my report and click OK. This is the template I want saved back to the report.


3. I’m then asked whether it’s okay for parameters to be placed on the second sheet. Since this is an existing report and I haven’t added any of my own content to the second sheet, this should be fine, so I’m going to click OK.


4. After that, I’m asked whether I want to update the name of the template. Since I’m happy with the current one and don’t want to create a new file, I’m going to click OK again.


5. Because the template already exists, I’m then asked to confirm whether I want to overwrite it, and I’m going to select Yes.


6. A message then appears asking if I want to clear the external data associated with the workbook. This is based on the report in question.  I’m going to select Yes here.


7. The old template is then overwritten with the new changes. A message appears confirming that the process was successful.


Now the next time I run out the copy of my Sales Details, the changes I made will be present with the latest associated data being displayed.