Automatically Running Macros

Automatically Running Macros

Did you know that you can automatically run macros you have created when you run your report in Alchemex?

Why would you want to do this?   Macros can be very powerful for doing many different things in Excel (e.g. formatting, filtering and securing data.)   This makes the report one step closer to being ready to go as soon as it’s run out.

1.  Open your report manager

2.  Select the report that you want the macro to run in, run the report or open the Excel template in Design mode

3.  Create the macro you want to run automatically, ensuring that in your macro you specify which sheet you need the macro to work in. (This will help by forcing the macro to select the correct sheet even after you Create and Link the workbook with a different active sheet)

4.  Once you have created and tested your macro, save the template back or create and link the workbook back to the report

5.  Highlight the report in which you have created the macro, under the Properties tab, tick the Show Advanced option at the bottom of the screen

6.  In the advanced options list that is now available, locate the Run Macros on Completion option

In the text box type the name of the macro you created.


Additional Notes

  • If there is more than one macro that needs to be run, then separate their names with semi-colons.
  • If a Macro takes parameters then place these in brackets after the macro name in a comma separated list.

  • Macros will always run after any Add-Ins should you have any Add-Ins placed in the “Run Add-Ins” property.
    • Combine macro names and Add-Ins in the same property to ensure the correct order thereof when running the report. Example: To have a macro run before an Add-In, place the macro name in the “Run Add-Ins” property before the Add-In.

7.  Once you have entered the name of the macro, make sure you Apply the changes to the report

8.  Run the report out and your macro will automatically run.