Running all Reports in a Folder

Run All Reports in Folder

The Run Report Batch facility allows users to run a sequence of reports one after the other from top to bottom.

The option Run Report Batch aborts the batch of reports if any of the reports return no data. The second option Run Report Batch (Mode 2) will run all reports regardless of there being no data for any of the reports.










Note: The run sequence will always be top to bottom so it is important to name your reports in a way that will ensure that the report you want run first is at the top of the batch.

For example: if you have an existing group of reports in a folder which will not run in the sequence that you would like, then rename your reports numerically viz:

Report Name = 1. (First Report)

Report Name = 2. (Second Report)

Report Name = 3. (Third Report) and so on until you have the reports running in the sequence that you would like.

Once you have named your reports in sequential order, select the folder that contains your reports, right click and select Run Report Batch or Run Report Batch (Mode 2).

Alchemex Smart Reporting will automatically run each report in sequence.