Installing the Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting Software

Installing the Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting Software

Pre-Installation Requirements

 The following points must be actioned before an installation of your Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting Solution can take place.

  1. The Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting License/s purchased need to be assigned to the relevant users on site i.e. Administrator license, Report Manager License, Report Viewer license.
  2. An Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting shared folder needs to be created on the file server and full rights (read & write) need to be assigned to this folder.  This is for your Report Repository which will store your centralized reports to ensure that all users of Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting are looking at the same report repository.
  3. The security credentials if applicable i.e. User id and password for the database/s must be made available.
  4. A list of the databases/companies that Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting must connect to must be made available.
  5. Please ensure that Microsoft Excel version 2007 or later is loaded and functioning on all workstations that will be running the Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting software
  6. Before beginning the Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting installation, ensure that all instances of Microsoft Excel are closed.

 Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting General Installation Guide

  1. To begin installation, insert the Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting CD or launch the setup file from the downloaded software.  The InstallShield Wizard screen will appear.








  1. Click Next.








  1. Click Next to install to the default folder or Change to browse to an alternative folder.








  1. Click Install to continue.
  2. When the installation has completed, a window will appear confirming successful installation.








  1. Click Finish
  2. Note:  If .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 or higher is not installed on the system, setup will perform the installation of the .NET Framework 3.5 sp 1 now.




  1. Launch the Report Manager. Go to Start All programs, Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting and select Report Manager









  1. Click the browse buttonand navigate to the shared network folder where your report repository is located.






  1. Click Ok.
  2. You will now need to make a connection to the database/s you will be reporting from.
  3. Open the Administrator Tool. All programs, Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting and select Administrator Tool. Right Click on the Driver Connection type for the database you are trying to connect to and select Add Connection.







  1. Enter your database connection details and click OK.









  1. Proceed to serialize your software.