Creating Report Short Cuts

Question: Is there a way that I can run my Alchemex reports from my desktop or a shared location so that I don’t have to open Alchemex every time I want to run a report?

Answer: Yes, using the Create Report Shortcut option in the Report Manager.

Working with Report Shortcut files

The Report Shortcut option allows a report to be run from a shortcut without needing to use the Report Manager Interface. To use .lnk files they need to be created using the Report Manager Interface and then associated with the Alchemex.exe program under the windows operating system.

Creating a Report Shortcut

To create a Shortcut file select a report in the Object Window and click on the Create Report Shortcut icon or right click on a report and select Create Report Shortcut.  

You will be prompted to select a location and name for the new shortcut file (.lnk files). For example: Desktop.

You will get a message confirming the shortcut was created successfully.

You will now be able to run the report from your Desktop, without having to open Alchemex. Simply click on the report icon on your desktop.

Associating a .lnk file with Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting

When you double click on the .lnk file you have created, Windows will prompt you to choose a file to “Open With…”.
Browse to the Alchemex.exe program and click OK.

The report associated with the .lnk file will be launched.

If you want to permanently associate .lnk files with Alchemex.exe then check the option Always use this program to open these files and click on OK.