Backup Metadata and Upgrade

I am using Alchemex version 6.8 and have downloaded the latest Alchemex 7 Smart Reporting from the website. How do I go about backing up my current metadata and templates, as I would like to make these available and use the templates in the new Alchemex 7 version?

Even if you are not upgrading your Alchemex software it is imperative that you backup you MetaData repository and Templates on a regular basis. You do this from the File Menu > Backup MetaData & Templates.

Alchemex will need to close down to back up the metadata

You will be prompted to specify a file to backup to. The backup file is a windows cabinet file (CAB) that will contain your Alchemex.svd file and all your report Excel Template files (XLT).

To restore files from a backup open the windows cabinet file in windows explorer and extract the Alchemex.svd file to its original location and the XLT files to the Templates folder.

Upgrading from older versions of Alchemex

When performing an upgrade of new reports, current reports and settings are not deleted. The intention of an upgrade is to import new reports into the current metadata repository only and not modify current versions of reports and settings that were created and saved prior to the upgrade.

  1. Back up current Metadata repository (Metadata location can be found through the Administrator Tool or Report Manager)
  2. Uninstall current Alchemex installation.
  3. Upgrade current version of Alchemex to new version.
  4. After activation, replace the new Metadata repository with the older backed up Metadata repository in order to retain current reports and report manager settings.
  5. See Bulk Import section in order to successfully import the new version reports.