Testing Reports

You created a collection of reports that are running on a specific database you would like to test the reports on different databases.
1. In this example I’m connecting to my “TEMPDB” Database.


2. I have a different database called “DEMODATA “and I would like to run the reports on this database. All the data is on my local machine so all I need to do is change the database name. From “TEMPDB” to “DEMODATA”

3. You can then run the Reports, from the Report Manager, on this different database. Bearing in mind management packs will likely have a different General Ledger Structure per database so this should mainly be used for Sales, Inventory, Ordering or Purchasing Reports.

4. Please note that changing the database name is specific to the type of database being used. In this example it is a pervasive database. Should you be using any other type of database, you would need to change the relevant connection details specific to that database.