Using the Alchemex Administrator to Sample Specific Data

You can use the Alchemex Administrator to Sample a specific data i.e. an invoice.

  1. Open the Alchemex Administrator and browse to the connection that you want to sample.
  2. Add the data container that you wish to sample; I have chosen “DocumentLines.”
  3. If you sample the data now you only get the first 50 rows of the table.
  4. If the entry you want to check is not in here or you only want to see a specific entry you will need to do. Is change the source container type to “Join” then click apply.

  1. You next need to click the “Edit in SQL Editor” button.

  2. This will bring up the SQL Editor in a new window, click on execute and you will get the same sample you had in Step 3.
  3. Now you want to filter this data by using some simple SQL skills. For example I only want to see data where the “DocNo” = 15442. If I type “WHERE [DocumentLines].[DocNo] = ‘15442’ ” and click execute again you will only see data where the DocNo = 15442.

A simple, yet useful tip when sampling data.