How to effectively use custom number formatting to display your + or – values

In order to effectively analyze data, custom number formatting can be applied to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Custom number formatting is used to easily identify values based on a set criteria. In a large Excel spreadsheet, you can easily highlight all negative or positive values by using custom number formatting. In this example, we are going to […]

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Creating an organized folder structure in Sage Intelligence

With a disorganized reporting structure, finding anything specific can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Stop wasting time searching for reports by creating an organized folder structure with Sage Intelligence.  The most effective folders structures are easy to use, so everyone can intuitively find the reports they’re looking for. Applicable Sage Business Cloud […]

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Additional Sage Intelligence reports to boost your business

How would you like constant access to a library of additional reports?  The Sage Intelligence Report Utility allows you to select the reports you like and automatically imports them into your Report Manager.  All you need to do is download and install the Report Utility, select the reports you want, and click the Download button. […]

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Understanding date formats in Sage Intelligence

If you’re a user of the Sage Intelligence Connector Module, you’ll know that the Connector maintains the links between your Sage Intelligence reports and your Sage Business Management Solution data sources.  Different database systems store and recognise dates in different formats, and Sage Intelligence attempts to hide this detail from you by translating dates at […]

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