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View specific aspects of several different worksheets on one worksheet

One worksheet can be used to view specific aspects of several different worksheets. This can be done using the Linked Picture option. There are a few options when consolidating information from multiple worksheets, and in this tip, we’ll deal with the most popular. The option for this tip enables you to paste the copied cells […]

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How to reverse the sign of an account in your Sage Intelligence Financial Report Designer

In the Sage Intelligence Financial Report Designer, account balances are returned in their “natural format” from your Sage accounting or business management solution.  Therefore, credit accounts (with a credit balance) are shown as negative values and debit accounts (with a debit balance) are shown as positives values.  However, in financial reporting, there are times when […]

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Hide a row or column when designing or editing reports in the Online Report Designer.

Creating a report can be a masterful art, and creating a report that is perfectly tailored to your audience can be an ever-evolving process – especially as the audience evolves. To ensure your report is concise and to the point, it is important to only show the items relevant to your viewers, and not any […]

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Learn different ways to add and edit Sage Intelligence formulas in the Financial Report Designer

Once you know how to create your own customized reports, using the Sage Intelligence Report Designer and Microsoft® Excel®, you have the power to analyze any aspect of your financials!  At the core of this is knowing how to add and edit Sage Intelligence formulas in a report.  In this tip, I’ll show you the […]

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