Easily move a row or column in Excel

When wanting to move a row or column in Excel from one section of a worksheet to another (e.g. from row 13 to row 10), it’s normal practice to use the Cut and Insert Cut Cells command.

However, an easier and quicker way to do this is the following:

  • Select the values in the row/rows or column/columns (must be a contiguous selection).
  • Keep your mouse button pressed and also press the Shift key on your keyboard.
  • Move your cursor to the edge of the selection until the move icon is visible.
  • Move the selection to the row or column where you want this data to be shifted to. When you bring the selection to the edge of any row or column, you should see a vertical line (something that looks like roman numeral 1 or alphabet Capital I).
  • Release the mouse button.
  • Release the Shift key (remember to keep the Shift key pressed until the end).

You have now learned how to quickly and easily move a row or column in Excel, thus saving you time.