How to reduce the size of a workbook using a single formula

Sometimes, large Microsoft Excel workbooks can be slow and inefficient—which could cause frustration.  To reduce the size of a workbook, consider replacing several formulas with a single array formula. Array formulas can perform multiple calculations and they also ensure consistency, which can lead to greater accuracy.  Furthermore, array formulas provide for more security, since a […]

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How to effectively use custom number formatting to display your + or – values

In order to effectively analyze data, custom number formatting can be applied to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Custom number formatting is used to easily identify values based on a set criteria. In a large Excel spreadsheet, you can easily highlight all negative or positive values by using custom number formatting. In this example, we are going to […]

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3 PivotTable Improvements in Microsoft Excel 2016

The PivotTable is one of the easiest tools used to transform huge amounts of data into meaningful reports. Excel didn’t disappoint with the improvements that have been made to PivotTables in their 2016 version. These include the following; Field List search, Automatic Time Grouping, and Multi-select Slicers. In this tip, we explore some improvements made […]

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