Use the TRIM function in Excel to easily remove spaces between data

Are you constantly battling with the task of having to manually remove leading spaces between data? Now you can easily remove spaces from your data, except for single spaces between words, using the TRIM function from Microsoft® Excel®.

Assuming you have imported data with irregular spacing into Excel an worksheet, in this tip we’ll show you how your data can easily be cleaned up by applying the TRIM function. 

Note: You are welcome to download the workbook to practice.

Applies To: Microsoft® Excel® 2010 and 2013.

1.         For this tip, the screen shot below will be used as an example

1_Excel on steroids tip_TrimFuntion

2.         Select cell C2 and type: =TRIM(B2)

3.         Press enter and copy the formula down the column to where your data ends.

1_Excel on steroids tip_TrimFuntion

After trying the exercise you will see that the leading spaces have been removed from your data using the TRIM function. So, you no longer need to waste time by manually do this, thus saving you time and making your worksheet look more neat and tidy.