4 Easy steps to Calculating Formulas with the Paste Special Command

Have you ever wondered how to use the formulas operations under the Paste special command? You can divide, add, multiply and subtract values when you copy and paste.

Let’s say, you want to quickly convert values from millions to thousands when you copy and paste, you can use the paste special divide formula. This command will save you the time of creating normal formulas to carry out this instruction. Furthermore, the values will be easy to analyse when converted to a lower value.

Note: You are welcome to download the workbook to practice

Applies To: Microsoft® Excel®   2010 and 2013

1. Start by highlighting the divider range, D3 to D20.

2. Right click and copy. Then highlight the values range, C3 to C20.

3. Right click and select Paste Special.

1. ExcelOnSteriods_CalculatingPasteCommand

4. Select the divide option and click OK.

2. ExcelOnSteriods_CalculatingPasteCommand

The values have been quickly converted to thousands without using the normal formulas. This is a quick and easy way of applying formulas to values. It is important to note that the Paste Special command will only be enabled if you copy the data. It will be disabled if you use the cut option to select the data.