Improve your Excel skills to add value to your CV, and your employer.

Excel skills is fast becoming a much needed skill in the work place and one of the most versatile products offered by Microsoft® Office®.  Employers are constantly on the lookout for suitable job applicants with exceptional Excel skills.

Excel on steroids training

So, how can proficiency in Excel help you improve your chances of landing your dream job? There are endless benefits when using Excel; if you have the chance to up-skill yourself in this area, do it! Excel enables you to get the job done quicker by organizing and understanding your data better, allowing you to work smarter not harder.  You will be amazed at the vast number of companies in many different industries that could benefit from an applicant with great Excel skills. Candidates tend to underplay the ‘skill’ on their CV’s, however, investing in good training and having proficient Excel skills gives you an advantage amongst the rest. In today’s competitive market employers are regarding Excel skills as extremely important; having someone with efficient Excel skills will help streamline business processes and assist in making smarter business decisions.

Working in Talent Recruitment I can’t sit here and say you are guaranteed your dream job by being proficient in Excel, but what it can do is guide you in the right direction to get you to the top of the list… the rest is up to you! You would be able to become more marketable and have more career opportunities. Improving your Excel skills is for anyone and everyone to help them work more effectively and efficiently. Investing in a good Excel training programme will certainly make you an asset to your company.

Are you interested in taking your Excel knowledge to the next level? This is where Excel on Steroids can help you! We offer excellent training courses both online and on premise (Please note that the on premise training is only offered in South Africa). Visit our Academy for more course info or contact us directly and we will be more than happy to help you, so that you are well on your way to becoming an Excel guru! Here is your chance to work more efficiently and focus on other important tasks.

Remember: Excel Skills = ((Training + Upskilling))* Great for your CV)!