How to prevent edits to the final version of a workbook

If you want to share the final version of a workbook and ensure that changes aren’t made to it, you can use the Mark as Final command. This command communicates that you are sharing a completed version of the workbook and helps prevent reviewers or readers from editing it.

When a file is marked as final, typing, editing commands, and proofing marks are disabled, and the file is saved as read-only. Additionally, the Status property of the document is set to Final.

You can practise this exercise with any workbook.

Applies to:  Microsoft® Excel® 2010 and 2013

1. Open your workbook and click the File tab, and then Info.







2. Under Permissions, click Protect Workbook, and then Mark as Final.








  • The Mark as Final status can be removed from the file
  • Files that have been marked as final in a Microsoft® Excel® program are not read-only if someone opens it in an earlier version of Microsoft® Excel®.