Sage Intelligence Go! highlighted in Sage Summit Keynote

In the first keynote at Sage Summit 2014, Himanshu Palsule, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Strategy for Sage North America addressed key business challenges faced by Sage customers and how these can be solved using the latest technology trends. One of the products that he highlighted was Sage Intelligence Go!, our new cloud reporting app!  Himanshu was joined by Vice President of Product Management, Emile Karam, who demonstrated, to 5000 people, how Intelligence Go! can help a business owner make mission-critical decisions such as expanding into new areas, projecting revenue and understanding market trends.

I wasn’t at Sage Summit, but watching the keynote made me realise how much value Sage Intelligence adds to our customers lives – we’re doing something right!

Watch the (Tuesday) keynote. The pictures are awe-inspiring too!