Protecting a PivotTable whilst allowing access to the slicer

Have you ever had your data in an excel workbook accidently or deliberately tampered with? You could be working on a project and would like to restrict access to data on some shared workbooks. In the following tip we explain how the entire worksheet/PivotTable can be protected with the user only allowed access to the slicer. You can download the workbook used in the example to practice here.











Applies To: MS Excel 2010 and 2013

1.  Right click on the Slicer and select  Size and Properties.

2.  Click on Properties

3.  Unlock the Slicers by unchecking the ‘Locked’ check box as per screen shot below.












4.         Select Close.

5.         Select as per screen shot below.










6.         Tick or select only the following options. Refer to the screen shots below.

  • Select unlocked Cells
  • Use PivotTable reports


















7.  A password can be added if necessary.

8.  Select OK.

The user will only have access to the Slicer. Therefore the PivotTable report can’t be tampered with, in that way the integrity of the data is maintained.