Are you looking for a simple yet effective way of monitoring the performance of your sales staff? Perhaps you are the Sales Manager and would like to analyse the performance of your staff. The COUNTIFS function can be a great formula to use in order to ascertain if the Sales Representatives have met their targets. The COUNTIFS function can be used to apply multiple criteria while the COUNTIF function only applies a single criteria.

In the example below we count how many times the target of selling seafood over the value of $100 in the month of April was achieved .This relates to the individual sales staff and is aptly explained in the following steps. You can download the workbook used in the example to practice here.


Applies To: MS Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010

1. Select cell H3 as per screen shot above.

2. Enter the formula given below.


3. After copying the formula down the answer will be displayed below.


4. As can be seen the performance of the sales staff has been tabulated. All this has been done by one simple but yet effective Countifs formula.

The COUNTIFS function syntax has the following arguments.
• Criteria_range1 : The first range in which to evaluate the associated criteria.
• Criteria1 : The criteria in the form of a number, expression, cell reference, or text that define which cells will be counted.
• Criteria_range2, criteria2, … Optional. Additional ranges and their associated criteria. Up to 127 range/criteria pairs are allowed.