Group and Summarize Data

An Outline is the grouping of row or column data so that you can manipulate the data to create summarized lists when necessary. You can then show or hide the levels (groups) of data as needed. This is very handy when working with long lists of data that you have totaled and you need to quickly print a report showing only these totals. The Level buttons can be used to quickly show or hide all groups on that level. In the example below we show how to view the YTD Income Statement by Quarter. This will help you when summarizing the Income Statement and printing it.
 Applies To: MS Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 

  1. To group the columns:
    a.  Select columns C:E
    b.  On the Data tab, in the Outline group, select Group
    c.  Select columns G:1
    d.  Press F4 to repeat the command
    e.  Select columns K:M
    f.  Press F4 to repeat the command
    g.  Select columns O:Q
    h.  Press F4 to repeat the command

2.  To group the rows:

a.  Select rows 5:9
b.  Press F4 to repeat the command
c.  Select rows 11:15
d.  Press F4 to repeat the command
e.  Select rows 17:19
f.  Press F4 to repeat the command
g.  Select row 22
h.  Press F4 to repeat the command
i.  Select rows 24:28
j.  Press F4 to repeat the command

3.  On the top left select level group 1 for columns and level group 1 for rows to summarize

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