Subtotal Function

Are you looking for an alternative to the Sum function that can also ignore hidden values? Then look no further than the Subtotal function. The Subtotal is a versatile function that:

  • Can be used for a wide range of numerical functions
  • Ignores other Subtotals within the specified data range

The SUBTOTAL function syntax has the following arguments:

Function_num   Required. The number 1 to 11 (includes hidden values) or 101 to 111 (ignores hidden values) that specifies which function to use in calculating subtotals within a list.

Ref1   Required. The first named range or reference for which you want the subtotal

Ref2,   Optional. Named ranges or references 2 to 254 for which you want the subtotal

 Applies To: MS Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010: 

  1. This tip will be based on the screen shot below where rows 7-9 are hidden


2.         By using the Sum function the total product sales value will include hidden values

  • Select cell G20 and enter the following formula =SUM(G4:G19)
  • The answer will be $14,106.79 –this value includes hidden values

3.         To calculate the total product sales value that ignores hidden values

  • Select cell G21 and enter the following formula =SUBTOTAL(109,G4:G19)
  • The answer will be $13,867.93- this value ignores hidden values








  • The table below provides more details on the function numbers and the respective functions

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