Report Scheduler

The Sage Intelligence Report Scheduling function allows the automated, interval-specified export and creation of report files with the assistance of the standard Windows Scheduler.  This functionality is ideal when specific scheduled reports need to be either available on a specific network location, printed, e-mailed or even HTML published in a specified location, at regular defined occurrences.

Two very important points to remember:

  • The workstation where the Scheduled Task has been created must be turned on at the scheduled time
  • An output file location is necessary

This process is made up of three parts:

  1. Specifying the Output Location of the file
  2. Generating the scheduler command
  3. Setting up a Windows Scheduled Task

Specifying the Output file Location

  1. In the Sage Intelligence Report Manager window, highlight the desired report.
  2. On the Properties window, select Show Advanced.
  3. In the Generate Output File field, browse to the desired location.

It is possible to either specify a new file name to be used or to select an existing file that will be overwritten when the scheduled report run takes place.

If an existing file from a previous scheduled run exists in the specified scheduled location it is automatically overwritten without any human intervention required.

NOTE: You could use a system variable such as @Date@ in the File path and this will result in the report run date appearing in the report name and thus the day before report will not be overwritten.

Generate Scheduler Command

  1. From the Object window, right click on the desired report
  2. Select Generate Scheduler Command3.  If the report expects parameters then a prompt will appear to first be completed

A message box is displayed that shows the syntax for running the report, and is simultaneously been placed on the Windows clipboard in order that it can be pasted into the scheduled task command field.

Hint: You can Copy this this to Notepad and replace the current date with the @DATE@ which will run the report for the system date making it dynamic.

Windows 7

  1. Open the Windows Control panel and then open the Administrative Tools, Task Scheduler item
  2. From the menu choose Action, Create Task.  The Create Task window appears:

3.  Give the task a meaningful name

4.  Click on the Actions tab

5.  Click New

6.  Under Program/script, paste the command from the clipboard

7.  Click OK

8.  Confirm the arguments specified by clicking Yes.  This Task pane is shown below:

9.  In the “When running the task, use the following user account box,” enter the user name that should be used to run the report under (for domain user accounts use the format domain_nameuser_name). The user name must be a valid account on the domain or local machine with sufficient privileges to run Peachtree Business Intelligence reports and must have sufficient permissions to access all the necessary resources (as per relevant Add-Ins) to run the report.

10.  To set the Schedule for the Task click on the Triggers tab

11.  Click the New button

12.  When you have set the schedule options click the OK button.