Highlighting rows in which data appears using the conditional formatting formula function

Question:     When doing a conditional formatting command, I frequently wish I could extract/highlight the rows in which my data appears.  Is there a way to do this?

Answer:        Yes, by using the conditional formatting formula function. 

Why:            To highlight/extract the rows in which the Product Category item “Bath” appears by formatting the background color to yellow.         

Applies To: Excel 2003, 2007, 2010

  1. For this example the screen shot given below will be used

2.  Select the range A2:H20 (Do not highlight the headings)

3.  Select as follows:

4.         Then select as below

To select a formatting color

  • Select the format button as given above
  • Under the list of background colours select Yellow and then OK

5.         The result will be that all the rows where the product category item “Bath” appears will be highlighted in yellow

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