Alchemex Values Part 8: Fun, fun, fun! By Charles Teversham

Reflecting on the last decade at Alchemex, I can truly say it has been one of the most fun I have had – considering I have lived for 4 decades and some. It is difficult to have fun on your own – for me anyway – so this is testament to the most amazing and beautiful people we have at Alchemex, and the effort that they put in every day. Remember that work hours are generally a third of your life, so if you not having fun at work, then you are doomed to have a miserable life! And if you are a bad sleeper which is another third of your life, then you are even more doomed!

The fun that we have at Alchemex is the envy of many across the Sage Group world-wide. I have had comments like “give me one negative about Alchemex”… “who wouldn’t want to work there”. It is heart-warming to hear how people talk about us, so let’s also show them how having fun translates into delivering the X-factor across the group with no exception, and by any measure! I am immensely proud of how everyone at Alchemex carries themselves both in the limelight, and in the engine room. And it doesn’t matter who you are, your contribution is equally important. Let’s keep this rolling! If there is one company that can put a smile on the faces of people in the Sage Group around the world, that can put things in perspective, that can live with pride, that can support each other through good and bad, that can be outspoken in support of what they believe is right, that can change the lives of customers, partners and other Sage employees out there – it has got to be our amazing company of Alchemexicans!

Thank you everyone for everything you do and remember to keep your chins up, SMILE, live light-heartedly and have FUN always, and the rest will be blissful history!!! Work is much more fun than fun!!!

“I think we’re having fun. I think our customers really like our products. And we’re always trying to do better.” – Steve Jobs