Learn how to restrict who can edit your Sage Intelligence reports

With the latest release of Sage Intelligence Reporting, through the Security Manager you are able to give viewing and editing rights to report users in different roles.

This means that you can allow some users to edit reports in the Report Manager while restricting others. You can also give some users the right to only view the report contents but restrict them from making any edits to any of the report properties.

In this tip we’re going to work through an example of assigning viewing and editing rights to different users.

My company has a Finance department and a Sales department. John and Paul work in Finance and Tim and Judy are in Sales. I want to enable the following scenario; I would like John to be able to edit the financial reports and both John and Paul to only view the financial and sales reports. I would like Tim and Judy to be able to edit the sales reports but not any of the finance reports.

I have created the employees in my ERP. In this example I am using a fully integrated version of Sage Intelligence, therefore they are automatically added to the Security Manager. If you are not using a fully integrated version then you’ll need to manually create your users in the Security Manager. In the application I have also created two roles, Sales and Finance and turned security on.

1. SageIntelligence

Let’s look at the first requirement, which is to give John editing rights for the financial reports.  To achieve this I do the following:

  1. Add John to the Finance role by selecting it and then checking him under the Users tab.

12. SageIntelligence

2. Select the Reports tab and check the reports I want John to have access to.

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3. Select the Functions tab and check the option: Allow Reports in the Role to be edited.

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I have now finished setting up editing rights for John. Note that by enabling the editing option, he automatically inherits viewing rights as well. Before looking at Paul, let’s assign editing rights for the sales reports to Tim and Judy. We’ll follow the same process as above.

1. Select the Sales role and then under the Users tab check Tim and Judy to add them to the role.

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2. Under the Reports tab select the sales reports I want them to be able to edit.

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3. Under the Functions tab check the option to give them editing rights.

15. SageIntelligence

Tim and Judy are now able to edit and view the two sales reports I selected.

Let’s look at the last requirement which is to give both John and Paul viewing (but not editing) rights to both the financial and sales reports. To do this I need to create a separate role.  I’ll call this SalesFin View.  I can now do the following:

1. Select the SalesFin View role and under the Users tab, check John and Paul to add them to the role.

16. SageIntelligence

2. Under the Reports tab select both the sales and finance reports.

7. SageIntelligence

3. Under the Functions tab, make sure that the edit option is unchecked.

17. SageIntelligence

Now that all my security options have been setup, the next time John signs in and accesses the Report Manager, he will be able to run both the financial and sales reports and if he selects the financial reports, the report properties will be made available for him to edit.

18. SageIntelligence

It’s important to note that the edit option only applies to unlocked reports. If you would like to give editing rights to a locked report then make a copy of it first and assign the rights to the copy.