Update your reports using the Bulk Import and Update feature

Did you recently upgrade your Sage Intelligence Reporting software and now can’t see your new or updated reports in Report Manager? Don’t worry, you can quickly and easily access your reports using the Report Managers’ Bulk Import and Update feature.

The purpose of bulk importing is to automatically import new and updated reports that are included with your new version of Sage Intelligence into your Report Manager. The Bulk Import feature doesn’t delete or modify your existing reports or change any of the settings in those reports.

To execute a bulk import, follow these steps:

1. In the Report Manager, select the Home









2. On the Tools tab, click Bulk Import/Update.








3. Click YES in the Bulk Import/Update Reports dialog box that appears. This will begin the importing of your new Sage Intelligence reports into your Report Manager. Bulk importing can also be used to easily add additional reports to your Report Manager. To do this, follow the instructions on the Bulk Import/Update Reports dialog or view the information in your Help File.











Once the import has succeeded you will be able to access your old reports and your new reports as well as any additional reports in your Report Manager.

Take a look at this short video to see how to access the Bulk Import/Update feature: http://youtu.be/2df8zjQWC7M

In next month’s tip will we will look at the Graphical Join tool in the Connector and show how you can use it to quickly and easily create containers without the need for any SQL knowledge.