Sage Intelligence Reporting: How to perform a check test on a database

Connecting to a database can be a daunting task for any “non-technical” user. In fact, even using the word database is not desirable. So here is a quick tip that will get you up and running in no time.

If you have ever been faced with the below error, then this tip is for you.











When selecting a report to run out, it is important the system knows what data you would like to use. Our system is quite intuitive,  but it needs some direction. You need to point it at the right data so that it will give you the right information.

In the Report Manager, select a report which you would like to check the connection for, then in the ribbon click on the “check/test” button:


If the report has been successfully connected to a database you will see the below message.






If you are not successfully connected, you will need to navigate to your Connector module to set up the connection.

For more information on setting up a connection, check out our video on how to use the Connector module: