Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting Makes Important Business Decisions Easier for SJFC


St. Joseph Family Centre (SJFC) in Spokane, WA, is a non-profit agency sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia. The centre provides counselling, spirituality support, retreats, and healing arts programs in order to promote the inner growth of its clients. With such an important mission, it’s essential that SJFC keeps its financial records and business management records in order—and easily accessible to deliver detailed monthly reports to its board members.

After using Sage 50 for over nine years, their Business Operations Director Juan Crespo subscribed them to Sage Business Care so that they can get assistance immediately when it is required. Not only did they benefit from getting live assistance, but also from the added benefit of being able to make important business decisions easily with Sage Intelligence Reporting, which is included in all Sage Business Care plans.

Before subscribing to a Business Care plan Juan was exporting data into a worksheet and making changes to it there. “It was very time consuming. Now everything comes out with a click of a button, and it’s done. I create customized income statements for the board each month, as well as two to three other reports I use regularly” he says. Intelligence Reporting has reduced Juan’s workload while keeping the non-profit abreast of how much it is earning.

Not only does Juan rely on the monthly customized reports, he is learning more about other reporting features through free ongoing Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting training via webcasts. “The webcasts are fun and easy to understand, I know there are ways that I can use more of Sage 50 and Intelligence,  and I’m learning how.”

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