How to import multiple reports within the Report Manager

The Bulk Import function in the Report Manager allows you to import new reports from within the Report Manager. Bulk imports are only intended to import new reports into the current metadata repository, not to modify current versions of reports and settings that were created and saved prior to the bulk import – current reports and settings are not deleted.

To use the Bulk Import Function

1. In the Report Manager, select the Home object.

2. From the Tools menu, click Bulk Import/Update Reports.









3. As per the dialog box that appears, you will need to place any .al_ files that will be bulk imported/updated into their relevant subfolders. If not, a new folder will automatically be created in the Report Manager for the new imported reports.











4. Once the files are in the correct location, select YES to proceed.

5. The new reports will be imported alongside any existing report. If desired, old reports may now be removed via the Report Manager.